VRM Photography

Victoria McElroy

Hello! My name is Victoria McElroy. Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. My love of photography began  at boarding school where I learned the art of developing film. I quickly learned how to manipulate angles and light in order to achieve eye capturing photographs.  I soon diverged my interest to digital photography and from there my gallery of photographs simply grew.  Often, as a young teenager, my afternoons were spent taking photos of fish in ponds, cars, animals of any sort, candid people, flowering orchards, sunsets, and anything else I could find.  My favorite photos are often those that I had not deliberately planned to take. I am currently a pre-veterinary major at the University of California, Davis. I am based out of Sacramento, CA but I travel quite a bit to the Modesto/Stockton region and Santa Cruz area. I am extremely passionate about animals and have many of my own that act as my personal muse. I have also worked for JcPenny Portrait Studios, otherwise known as Lifetouch Studios, as a primary photographer. I have worked with many ages from 2 days old to 88 years and everything in between. I love capturing those special moments for a family to cherish forever and I would am honored to provide those timeless memories!